TM Bohrtechnik TMB10

Drilling for a solution

Drilling expert TM drilling technology digs deep to expose customer challenges and to be able to offer not only tools but solutions


What do you really need for a drilling job: a drill or a hole? A hole, of course: The drill is only the means to an end. And that is exactly the philosophy of the Austrian drilling rig expert TM Bohrtechnik. “We see ourselves as consultants, not as transport directors,” explains CEO Fritz Krobath. “This means that we start from the desired result and then look for a suitable solution to achieve this goal.”

TM Bohrtechnik offers individual customer solutions for drilling applications in open and underground mining. These are not only standard machines with numerous options. “I think it is important to offer solutions that are fully tailored to the customer and/or his projects. That’s why we make sure that our processes are innovative, flexible and fast.”

Omnidirectional drilling with the innovative TMB10

Among the innovative problem solvers mentioned is the latest drilling solution from TM Bohrtechnik: the TMB10 surface drill. This flexible drilling rig can be used for a wide range of drilling applications, whether in civil engineering, for drilling blast holes or for anchor drilling. And thanks to a large and robust hydraulic hammer (a percussive “top head” device), waste drilling and large anchor drilling are also possible.

And the TMB10 is also powerful. Thanks to articulated booms and the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees, the drill can be moved in all directions, even in the driving direction to the left or right of the crawler suspension – a real differentiation criterion in the industry. The operator can thus process a considerable floor area without having to change its position, which ensures a significant production boost and a great increase in ease of use.

A completely new drive solution

The direct-to-use Interim Tier 4/Stage III B power engine of the PowerTech PVX 6.8L was supplied and installed by Hamilton AG.

In the search for a suitable drive for the TMB10, TM Bohrtechnik opted for an Interim Tier 4/Stage III B compliant John Deere PowerTech PVX 6.8L. “We were looking for a direct-to-use drive unit that meets the current emission regulations,” says F. Krobath. John Deere engine distributor Hamilton AG designed and built a comprehensive package solution with a 6.8-liter engine plus pre-approved John Deere accessories — base frame, cooling package and motor carrier for post-treatment devices. “Hamilton has done a great job. I was very impressed by the personal service and dedication with which Wolfgang Lettner contributed.”

TM Bohrtechnik was not familiar with the electronic motor controls for Interim Tier 4/Stage III B technology; Employees of Hamilton AG therefore helped with the installation of the entire package. “W. Lettner also conducted an application test, controlling the performance data from the first projects to ensure that the engine achieved the desired standard performance. The results were more than satisfactory.”
Obviously, TM Bohrtechnik has revealed a secret to success: The right solution for your own company is to find the right solution for the customer.

Exhaust level: Final Tier 4/Stage III B
Engine Models: PowerTech PVX 6068HFC93
Displacement: 6.8 liters
Distributor: Hamilton AG from Lauterach, Austria.

Nicolas Stirnemann