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Maximum productivity, reliability

Our customers expect maximum productivity, reliability and performance from our units. For this purpose, we offer our customers a variety of modularly assembleable services.

Hamilton Lifetime Service

Even our basic services significantly relieve you:

  • Application and installation test
  • Retrofitting of existing applications
  • Mobile repair and service service
  • Overtaking and revision work
  • Large spare parts warehouse and availability
  • Convenient administrative support for registering your new engines
  • If necessary, competent and timely warranty processing


New engine registration

Registration of
New engines

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Warranty applications

Warranty application form

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Individual service solutions - uptime is everything

The profitability of your investment depends to a large extent on its productive uptime. With our individual service-level agreements, we maximize the productivity of your systems. And that pays off!

  • Advanced accessibility solutions
  • Pre-defined response times (service levels)
  • Service intervals managed by Hamilton AG
  • Storage of system components or entire systems
  • Regular control and monitoring of your drive solutions