SBM MFL EUROMIX Concrete Mixing Plant

Wind turbines – a big deal!

With a complete solution such as the mobile EUROMIX concrete mixing plant, the installation of solid wind turbine foundations is in a hurry

SGM’s unique, compact and supermobile EUROMIX plant 500 SM WEA was used for the first time in the construction of a wind farm in Hamburg. The farm now has a total output of 47 megawatts and an estimated annual production of 116 gigawatt hours.

With their enormous rotor blades and a height of 80 meters, wind turbines are impressive installations. As with all tall buildings, a solid foundation is crucial. Ultra-high-high-stress concrete (UHFB) is increasingly being used, providing very high infrastructure protection. However, a high degree of precision is required when mixing and casting this concrete. In order to meet the requirements of windmill farms, SBM Mineral Processing GmbH has developed a special version of its successful mobile EUROMIX concrete mixing plant, which makes smooth foundations quick and easy to lay.

UHPC offers a new level of strength for tower foundations. Typical components of this type of concrete are fine-grained sand, silica dust, small steel fibres and special mixtures made of high-strength Portland cement without coarse aggregates. However, there is no room for mistakes here: Mixing and casting must be perfect right away.

The foundation for wind power.

As a specialist for stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants for directly premixed concrete prefabricated products, SBM has recognized the potential of UHPC’s on-site concreting in the wind power industry. However, wind farms require a
Special solution: a fully automatic concrete mixing trolley.

“Our EUROMIX 500 SM WEA is a compact, comprehensive and supermobile system that combines not only the mixing and casting system but also a water reservoir in a truck solution,” explains Alfred Beisskammer, Head of the Research and Development Department.” Everything is done on site – from UHPC preparation to pouring the concrete into the gap between the concrete base and the turbine tower. After mixing, the system offers sufficient
capacity for four locations per day.”
A microprocessor records all dosing and mixing processes; the results are documented by data transfer. This makes the EUROMIX 500 SM WEA model an ideal solution not only for wind farm construction, but also for demanding repair and refurbishment projects.

Optimum motor fitting for reliable performance.

Mobile machines and systems require reliable and long-term performance. After John Deere had already been used motors for the mobile crushers of the REMAX series, SBM also opted for John Deere with the PowerTech E 6.8L for its EUROMIX 500 SM WEA model. The rated power of 202 kW (271 hp) at 1500 rpm as well as the compact dimensions make this engine a perfect solution for this unique mobile mixing/casting system from SBM.

The optimal fit of the motor was a critical factor. “Hamilton AG, our local John Deere engine distributor, provided comprehensive 3D CAD files for the engine unit and mounted the engine along with engine feet, an air filter, mounting carriers, air filter hoses and lines,” continues A. Beiskammer . In addition, the complete harness was attached to the motor and a motor load hook and an mounting bracket for the air filter were designed. The local service partner Hoffmann Helmut GmbH manufactured an exhaust pipe guide according to the requirements of SBM and helped with the installation of the drive unit as well as during the test runs.

“As a special solution and a real novelty in its category, the EUROMIX 500 SM WEA represents an important development for us and for the entire industry. John Deere, Hamilton and Hoffmann have shown a really great commitment and have strongly supported us in achieving our goal,” concludes A. Beisskammer.

Emissions: Tier 3/Stage III A
Engine models: PowerTech E 6068HFG82
Displacement: 6.8 liters
Rated power: 202 kW (271 hp) at 1500 rpm
Air system: air/air charge air cooling
Distributor: Hamilton AG from Lauterach, Austria.

Nicolas Stirnemann