Rubble Master RM90Go!

Peak performance

Rubble Master RM 90GO!
Makes slopes safer for skiers, even with melting glaciers.

Andenmatten was commissioned by the Swiss ski resort operator Bergbahnen Saas-Fee AG to remove the glacial debris consisting of rock and sand and to fill the troughs and gutters created in the ice. The project began in August and construction had to be completed by October due to temperature constraints.

Mountains so high, valleys so deep

The view from above! The RM 90GO! at an altitude of 3,000 meters, the municipality of Saas-Fee in the background.

“We had several RUBBLE MASTER impact breakers at our disposal, but for this demanding task we needed the new high-performance breaker RM 90GO!”, recalls Egon Andenmatten. “The lower air density at this altitude reduces crusher performance by 20 to 30 percent compared to operations in the lowlands; at the same time, the fuel consumption is significantly higher. The RM 90GO! is the first crusher that can be equipped with an additional diesel particulate filter to eliminate this problem.”

The RM 90GO! can turn up to 160 tons of rock per hour into high-quality, cube-shaped aggregates, consuming an average of 18 liters of fuel. “This, as well as the durability and ease of use of the crusher, make the RM 90GO! a particularly profitable and versatile solution: be it in mountainous areas, valleys or city centres,” says Gerald Hanisch, CEO of RUBBLE MASTER.

Thanks to the engine power, the RM 90GO! the 12-kilometre ascent with an incline of 30 percent in just 10 hours – and that on your own legs or caterpillar chains.

And while others get sick at work in 3,000 meters, the employees of Andean mats feel poodle-like under these conditions. They smooth the icy surface, fill troughs and gutters and crush the largest blocks of rubble into 400 to 500 millimeter fragments using hydraulic hammers. “Once again, it is a real pleasure to work with this machine. Even at this height and with the additional particulate filter, it delivers maximum performance,” says Egon Andenmatten.

At high altitudes, the time window for construction work is quite narrow. But more than the RM 90GO! Experts like Andean mats obviously do not need to for smooth shops — and slopes.

Exhaust level: Tier 4F/Stage IV
Engine Models: PowerTech PSS 6.8L
Displacement: 6.8 liters
Rated power: 164 kW (220 hp) at 1500 rpm
Air system: air/air charge air cooling
Distributor: Hamilton AG from Lauterach, Austria.

Nicolas Stirnemann