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Innovative products for on-board drive

You want to be able to set sail calmly

The requirements of boat owners for their engines are manifold. In order to be able to set sail safely, reliability is the highest maxim. Once you have left the shore, even a minor engine damage can have unpleasant consequences or even become dangerous. For this reason, Hamilton AG relies on proven partners who guarantee the highest level of reliability of its products. Your safety is important to us!

For leisure or professional use

Whether sailing yacht, sports motor boat, recreational boat or rescue ship – our propulsion units deliver outstanding performance and are characterized by their reliability. Whether you're on the water for work or relaxation.

Ecology and water sports?

The rules on boat engines in inland waters are becoming increasingly stringent. Rightly so, as we think. Hamilton AG therefore relies on products and suppliers that not only comply with the existing regulations, but even exceed them if possible. With Hamilton AG, you decide on the ecological path.

Hamilton in action for you

We supply marine drives for a wide range of applications in a wide range of applications:

  • Recreational boats: Drive motors, conversion kits, gearboxes
  • Professional shipping: Drive motors, on-board generators, on-board units
  • Luxury yachts: Drive motors, energy systems, on-board power generators