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Drive systems for clean industrial use

Industrial applications require knowledge and experience

The successful integration of drive systems for industrial applications requires a high degree of expertise and expertise. As a specialist provider in this field, Hamilton AG has been able to acquire its know-how in more than 25 years of successful activity and countless realized projects.

Rough and demanding operating conditions?

Our units are already used in a wide range of, often harsh and adverse situations. No matter what your requirements are, look for a conversation with us! Together we will find the right solution for your individual needs. We have already been able to support numerous customers in agricultural, forestry and municipal technology as well as the construction industry in their search for a drive solution. Our aggregates can be found in machine, plant and vehicle construction, e.g. in drilling equipment, stone crushers, air compressors, generator sets, compressors, various loader types, etc.

The combination of economy and ecology

Efficiency is everything. Although emissions regulations are becoming increasingly stringent anyway, we do not stop there. We go a step further and work exclusively with partners who have been shown to invest in the environmental performance of their systems. This includes compliance with exhaust regulations, but also the continuous reduction of fuel consumption while maintaining or increasing performance. How your investment pays off in two ways:

On the one hand, operating costs are reduced, and on the other hand, you protect the environment when using Hamilton systems. Not just for compliance, but for a sustainable business policy.

Hamilton in action for you

We supply drive solutions for a wide range of applications in a wide range of applications:

  • Construction: Excavators, stone crushers, wheel loaders, special machines
  • Forestry: Forwarder, Vollernter, Harvester, Hacker
  • Agriculture: Tractors, harvesters, choppers, blowers
  • Stationary: Generators, extinguishing water pumps, emergency drives
  • Defense: Generators, construction machinery