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High efficiency and low emissions

Energy wherever it is needed

Whether for the professional user or in the leisure sector: There are countless situations in which you need a well-functioning power supply, but do not have land power available. This is where our generators are in demand! The fields of application are manifold – as are our selection. Let us advise you.

Powerful performance for professionals

Under harsh operating conditions, a power generator is required to do a lot. Our systems are suitable to expand existing power supplies or to create a completely new energy system. Whether alternating current or direct current: With our robust, durable equipment, you are always well equipped in construction, industry and crafts as well as in agriculture and forestry.

Light, space-saving and quiet in leisure time

In a campervan, at sea, in the mountain hut or while camping – you can't do without electricity. Our energy systems offer intelligent, innovative solutions to provide sufficient electricity, both on demand and regardless of location, in a quiet and efficient manner.

Hamilton in action for you

We supply energy for a wide range of applications in a wide range of applications:

  • Industry: Construction sites, telecommunications, emergency power and backup systems
  • Emergency operations: Fire trucks/police, mobile operations centres, mobile blood donation services
  • Leisure time: Luxury motorhomes, holiday homes, mobile houses, boats and yachts
  • Journey: Luxury buses, coaches, horse transporters
  • Communication: Mobile communication systems, border and customs surveillance, transmission vehicles
  • Promotion: Exhibition vehicles, mobile stage vehicles, Formula 1 team cars
  • Special vehicles: Environmental measuring vehicles, rail vehicles, operations centres