Lenggenhager wood cutting splitter

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Swiss company builds unique
Wood cutting splitter according to customer specification


“What should you do if the customer knows exactly what he wants, but the machine he is looking for does not exist?” ponders Alex Lenggenhager from the Swiss Lenggenhager Mechanik AG.

“A customer from the wood industry came to us with exactly this problem. Our prompt answer was: We’re building something for you.'”

Turning trees into sawn timber is a big business that requires large wood splitting machines. So far, however, there has been no machine that meets the exact requirements of Lenggenhager’s customers. “Until recently, it was necessary to
cutting and bundling of branches two machines: the wood had to be cut twice, with two different machines to get the right length,” explains A. Lenggenhager. “You can imagine the manual time and effort involved. We have therefore sat down and developed a uniform, efficient approach.”

First cut, then cut.

The solution from Lenggenhager is truly tailor-made: the same machine takes care of all work – cutting and bundling – and is operated by only two people. In addition, the shredding device of this machine
faster, has a higher capacity and is also more compact than traditional systems.

The first shredding device breaks the tree trunks into 1 meter large pieces, a second chopping knife crushes the wood again.

The felled tree is picked up and placed in the machine. The machine cuts off all branches.

  • The main shredding device cuts and splits the wood to a uniform length.
  • A second chopping knife cuts the wood into even smaller pieces if necessary.
  • The wood is packed into bundles with 80 to 110 shards each.
  • The bundles are tipped out and stacked.
  • With the help of this machine, production can be increased by 50 percent — and completely automatically! When it came to finding an engine for the new wood cutting splitter, the experience played a major role. Lenggenhager Mechanics needed an engine with at least 130 kilowatts (174 hp) of power and good torque at high speeds. The engine should be of high quality, low fuel consumption and good support service. Since Lenggenhager Mechanik was already working as a John Deere agricultural machinery dealer, the engines were known very well there and therefore opted for the PowerTech E 6068H from John Deere.

    What made the deal perfect, however, was the fact that the John Deere sales partner Hamilton provided technical support for the M
    ortor installation took over.

    Perform better.

    “We are constantly trying to improve our machines; We have once again learned a lot in this project,” concludes Alex Lenggenhager. “But no matter what changes we make to expand our product range, one thing will always remain the same: John Deere’s drive motors!”

    The wood is packed into bundles of 80 to 110 shards each and then tipped out and stacked.

    Emissions: Tier 3/Stage III A
    Engine Models: PowerTech E 6068HF285
    Displacement: 6.8 liters
    Rated power: 149 kW at 2400 rpm
    Cylinder: 6
    Air system: air/air-charge air cooling Air/Air-charge air cooling
    Distributor: Hamilton AG, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland

    Nicolas Stirnemann