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Intelligent rail excavator with small swivel radius supports maintenance crews during track work

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Trains are a great means of transport, but if passengers are to be satisfied, they must not stand still. Maintenance is therefore often carried out at night or at weekends; sometimes, however, work on the day is also unavoidable, which entails numerous challenges. The innovative S22® from KAISER AG is an intelligent, quiet and compact rail excavator with a very small swivel radius. And it helps to keep Swiss rail transport “in the lane.”

Projects and transport must flow

“In Switzerland, project coordination can sometimes cause real headaches for track maintenance companies. The distance between parallel tracks is often so narrow that there is hardly any space to use machines without interrupting traffic operations. For example, if you work with an excavator, its stern swivels beyond the neighbouring track,” explains René Geiger, head of development at the excavator division. “The Swiss regulations are very strict: when a train approaches on the other track, the work must be interrupted and all the equipment must be returned to the starting point. This means downtime and inconvenience for the operator.”

KAISER AG has developed the S22RR to defuse this difficult situation. Thanks to a limited swivel radius of 1.57 meters, this excavator does not need to clear its working position when a train passes on the neighbouring track. The operator can thus resume his work without repositioning. “This saves a lot of time, effort and costs,” says R. Geiger.

And yet the S22RR makes no compromises in terms of performance: with its 8 meters length (with folded boom) and 2.6 meters wide, the excavator reaches a digging depth of 4.8 meters; it travels both on and off the tracks. The machine can be equipped with dozens of auxiliary devices, with a ROTOline hydraulic system always applying the right pressure (between 20 and 350 bar).

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The right motor for the task

KAISER uses the Final Tier 4/Stage IV-compliant PowerTech engine PSS 4.5L with 125 kW (168 hp) as the driving force behind this unique excavator and its hydraulic system. Geiger said: “A compact machine needs a compact engine. In addition, the emission standards in Switzerland are among the strictest in Europe. The choice of the John Deere engine was easy due to its size and Stage IV emission certification and the existing diesel particulate filter (DPF).”

The local John Deere engine distributor Hamilton AG in Kloten (Switzerland) supported KAISER throughout the development phase and ensured a perfect configuration of the engine; this has accelerated the market launch of the S22®.

Innovations that change the industry

KAISER started more than 100 years ago as a small workshop and has retained this personal touch to this day — even though the team now has more than 400 employees. “Our machines are not sold in their thousands; we manufacture tailor-made units for individual customer needs.” The company’s innovations continue to set new standards. In 1986, KAISER launched the first self-propelled excavator. In 2013 and 2014, the S12 Allroad and S10 mobile excavators received concept and designer awards from trend expert Red Dot and Bauma, the world’s leading trade fair for the construction industry. MBA AG, KAISER’s sales partner for Switzerland, has already sold more S22® machines than expected – even though customers have never experienced the machine in practice. “This is quite unusual in the industry, but it shows the strong relationship between KAISER and MBA and is a testament to our customers’ trust in our experience,” concludes René Geiger.

Exhaust gas level: FT 4/stage 4
Engine Models: PowerTech PSS 4045HFC09
Displacement: 4.5 litres
Rated power: 125 kW (168 hp) at 2200 rpm
Cylinder: 4
Air system: air/air charge air cooling
Distributor: Hamilton AG, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland

Nicolas Stirnemann