Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 07:30 - 17:00
Friday 07:30 - 16:30



Our prices are ex warehouse, unpacked, exclusive of VAT.

Minimum order values

The minimum position value is CHF 1.00/€ 1.00
The minimum net amount is CHF 20.00/€ 20.00
No discount on orders under CHF 50.00/€ 50.00

Discount (only for resale, own use net)

Written order with correct ET number full discount
Written order unclear / number error Discount less 5
Telephone orders Discount less 5


The delivery times are defined according to "Availability" or "Agreement".


10 days net, export by appointment

Deductions are re-charged, default interest 8

Invoices in € are due in € in favour of our EURO account


Order intake by 5:00 p.m. same day by PostPac Priority

Spare parts deliveries over CHF200.-/€200.- are postage-free.

Re-submissions are generally postage-free.

Delivery of shipments of more than 30 kg by forwarding agent, clearing according to expense.

Exchange goods

Sales prices NETTO. The replaced parts must be returned within 10 days, otherwise the new price will be invoiced.

Warranty processing

The warranty application on the customer side must be returned to us within 10 days with the defective parts. The application will be forwarded by us to the responsible delivery plant. The delivery of spare parts for repairs takes place without prejudicial in provisional warranty. In the event of rejection of the warranty by the supplier, delivered spare parts will be invoiced.

Returns: For return deliveries as a result of incorrect ordering, we charge a fee of 15 of the net value at least but CHF/€ 25.00.


For processing and handling of return deliveries, we charge a fee of 15 of the net value at least but CHF/€ 25.00. In the case of returns due to our fault, this fee will be waived. Returns are only possible with a previously approved return request (RMA). Please contact us. A return request can only be submitted within 3 weeks of invoicing.


For export shipments under CHF 1,000.00 / € 900.00 a surcharge of CHF 50.00 / € 45.00 is levied for the export papers.