Wüst HD-810

Contribution to biofuel

Individual wood chopping machines from Wüst fuel biofuel production


Wüst, a family-run manufacturer of forestry machinery, has his fingers close to the pulse of the market. Wüst’s flexible and functional wood chipping machines have already won the hearts of many customers across Europe – especially those who produce wood chips for biofuel.
“Some customers have been working with our hackers for up to five generations, which shows how much they trust our technology,” says andreas wüst, the commentary by project manager Andreas Wüst.

Higher productivity.

At Sodefor, the hd810 truck-mounted model processes hard and softwood wood into high-quality wood chips, which are needed in the biofuel industry.

At Wüst, this strong customer loyalty is mainly due to the great flexibility and reliability of its own wood chipping machines. “The more tasks a contractor can cover, the better the return on investment. We therefore first take a basic model and supplement customer-specific functions and features if required. To keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible, we’ve designed all models to require minimal maintenance, and we only use low-consumption engines like John Deere’s.”

The Wüst wood chipping machines are available in semi-trailer or truck-mounted versions or as PTO versions (ptopping shaft) of the smaller models BBHK-85/100. “These machines offer maximum performance – whether it’s raining or the sun is shining – and even at temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. They even process frozen branches without any problems and deliver clean, high-quality wood chips at all times, which is particularly important for the biofuel industry.”

Fast handling.

Sodefor was one of the first buyers of the HD810 wood chipping machines powered by a 448 kW (600 hp) PowerTech Plus 13.5L.

The BBHK-85/100 PTO model achieves speeds of 40 to 80 kilometers per hour, allowing contractors to quickly switch between different locations. The machine’s 300-degree rotation function and infinitely adjustable feed speed help to ensure that stacks of logs as well as treetops and branches can be processed quickly and smoothly.
In 2012, Wüst faced a new challenge. “A customer needed a Tier 3/Stage III A engine and our supplier at the time could not deliver. But John Deere probably, and so we installed a PowerTech Plus 13.5L with 317 kW (425 hp). John Deere engine distributor Hamilton AG took over the integration support at the time and provided the engine specifications as well as a cooling system that enabled us to connect the software to the ECU of the engine without much effort.”

Thanks to the 300-degree rotary function and the infinitely adjustable feed speed of the BBHK-100 model, stacks of logs as well as treetops and branches can be processed quickly and smoothly.

This first John Deere-powered model has worked over 600 hours so far, and the customer is still very satisfied. “He uses the hacker for coarse material and often rotates the machine by 300 degrees. Everything is processed without interruptions in continuous flow, which is due, among other things, to the torque of the engine. The customer is also satisfied with the low fuel consumption – usually 0.5 liters per cubic meter.”

The BBHK-100 achieves speeds of 40 to 80 kilometers per hour. Its owner, Ecofor’t Nendaz-Isérable, can therefore quickly change from site to place of operation.

Wüst is also enthusiastic about John Deere’s engines. “We ordered three more PowerTech Plus engines with 448 kW (600 hp). One of them is installed in a prototype: the BBH120. A second one will power our larger HD810 model, and we will keep another as a replacement engine. After all, we want to offer maximum possibilities!”

Exhaust gas level: Tier 3/Stage III A and Interim Tier 4/Stage III B
Engine models: PowerTech Plus 6135HF485 and PowerTech PSX 6135HFC95
Displacement: 13.5 liters and 13.5 liters
Rated power: 317 kW (425 hp) at 2100 rpm 448 kW (600 hp) at 2100 rpm
Cylinder: 6
Air system: air/air-charge air cooling Air/Air-charge air cooling
Distributor: Hamilton AG, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland

Nicolas Stirnemann