Rechner’s LUF™ remote water supply unit

Need water?

Rechner’s LUF™ remote water supply unit can transport large amounts of water to where it is most needed


Who could deny that water is the lifeline of every community? We drink it, grow food with it, swim in it and even use it to fight fires. But the water we need is not always near — or it is not available in sufficient quantities. Companies such as Rechner’s are therefore developing high-performance water pumps that transport the vital water to where we can use it. And Rechner’s latest pumping system is a real power plant!


The latest LUF™ long-distance water supply unit of this Austrian company shows considerable strength. The pumping capacity of the system is 11,000 liters per minute – up to a distance of 6 kilometers! This means it can provide drinking water for an entire city or region or irrigate large agricultural areas. And in combination with the LUF 60 from Rechner’s or a fire-fighting support vehicle from another manufacturer, the new pumping system is ideal for firefighting.

The PowerTech 6.8L electric motor drives the system’s two hydraulic pumps.

The new system is equipped with a PowerTech E 6.8L; the motor drives two hydraulic pumps that suck water from rivers or lakes and forward it to the main pump. “Before we decided on the 6.8L, we naturally made comparisons with another brand. With the same size, the PowerTech E 6.8L has proven to be more powerful,” confirms Bruno Walter, Managing Director at Rechner’s. “We have to deal with a relatively small engine here, but it plays a big role in our system. If it is not strong enough, the main motor ‘dries’ out, resulting in a failure of the pumping system.” When operating at a constant speed of 1890 rpm, the engine delivers an output of 212 kW (284 hp).

The overall package gives a sense of security.

The development and manufacture of a pump requires careful planning and creativity. “An engine supplier who supports you in the selection, delivery, installation and adaptation and also in the context of customer follow-up helps to ensure that this process runs smoothly,” says B. Walter. Hamilton AG, responsible for John Deere sales partners in Switzerland and Austria, fully meets these expectations. “The engine was already there after a week – along with some hamilton-made accessories such as silencer, diagnostic device and air filter narrowing. Hamilton also supplied connectors and other small parts that are n.e. you won’t get so easily if you only need them in small quantities. I was impressed!”

Simplicity and performance – with this combination, the PowerTech E 6.8L has also convinced Bruno Walter. B. Walter concludes: “For service partners, this engine is easy to maintain, and the customer always gets spare parts very close by. I find this support reassuring.”

Exhaust level: Tier 1/Stage 1
Engine Models: PowerTech 4045HF150
Displacement: 4.5 litres
Rated power: 104 kW at 1800 rpm
Cylinder: 4
Air system: air/air charge air cooling
Distributor: Hamilton AG, Lauterach, Austria

Nicolas Stirnemann